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Amy Schumer’s 5 Tips to Help Reduce Food Waste




Amy's Best Foods Hacks

Did you know that 43% of food waste happens at home? That means a few small changes can make a serious dent in how much we waste. And who better to share tips on how to save food and reduce waste than our partner in the fight on food waste, Amy Schumer? Check out her helpful hints below and start saving like Schumer. Take it away, Amy…

1. Embrace imperfect food.
Hey, we’re definitely not perfect, so why should we expect our food to be? Even if a veggie or fruit has a weird lump or bruise, it’s still full of taste. So, go ahead… eat it!

2. Organize your fridge and pantry so you can see what’s in there. Did you ever pick something up at the grocery store only to realize you already had a full supply at home? Guilty! The more you see, the less you waste. Organize your food and check before you shop, so you don’t end up with more cheese than any human should consume. Oops.

3. Extend food’s shelf life in the freezer. You know that half eaten jar of pasta sauce in your fridge? Everyone has one! You can actually pop that and other food you won’t eat for a while in the freezer. It will preserve it for whenever you’re ready to whip up some late-night spaghetti.

4. Shop your kitchen like you do your closet
. You didn’t know you could pair that shiny top with that denim skirt until you gave it a try, right? The same goes for your food. Take a look around your fridge, freezer and pantry and discover meals you never knew existed.

5. And finally, learn to cook. And if you really can’t, just marry a chef like I did, and he will teach you.

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