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At Best Foods, we’re here to help you STAY INSPIRED and make the most of cooking at home.

Keep mealtimes fresh and flavorful with some of our favorite recipes. Perfect for using pantry staples like pasta & tuna, making the most of leftovers or cooking with kids!

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    • Chocolate Cake in a Cup Recipe

      Satisfy your chocolate cake cravings in the simplest way. Our Chocolate Cake in a Cup recipe is quick & easy to make. Just microwave a few ingredients to create a delicious & decadent treat that you can enjoy any time.

    • California Chicken Wrap Recipe

      Have leftover cooked chicken? Used it here in our California Chicken Wraps recipe. The tasty secret lies in our mayonnaise dressing with olive oil.

    • Fast & Fabulous Chicken Salad

      Have leftover chicken? Use it in this super quick & easy Fast & Fabulous Chicken Salad Recipe. Leftovers never tasted so good!

    • Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe

      Our baked chicken with parmesan is sure to please! This Parmesan Crusted Chicken recipe uses parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs, and mayonnaise to make a perfectly crunchy and juicy parmesan chicken dinner.