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Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We care about sustainably sourced ingredients

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In 1905, Richard Hellmann opened a deli in New York City and began selling his delicious homemade mayonnaise. He labeled it with a blue ribbon to represent the very best quality of his product, and it eventually became the iconic symbol of Best Food's® Mayonnaise. Our commitment to “Blue Ribbon Quality” and real ingredients is why we’ve now committed to use only cage-free eggs and responsibly sourced soybean oil. Best Food's® brings out the best, and our goal is to also do our best for our customers and our planet.

Our goal: 100% cage-free eggs and sustainably sourced oils by 2017.


Cage-Free Eggs 

Since January 2017, all Best Food's Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise Dressing (excluding Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing) available in the U.S. are made exclusively from cage-free eggs—no ifs, ands or clucks about it. We’re proud that we reached this goal of using 100% cage-free eggs 3 years early, and so are the independent third parties that certify our eggs. Lids off to everyone who helped to make that happen, including our producers whose care and handling of egg-laying hens meet animal-welfare standards.


Sustainably Sourced Oils 

We are on our way to sourcing 100% of our oils responsibly across our tasty line of mayos, dressings and sandwich spreads. Our Best Food's Real Mayonnaise is already there!


Best Food's® proudly works with American family farms. As part of our responsible sourcing efforts, we’re engaging responsible soybean farmers in Iowa together with Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture to continuously improve the sustainability of their farms in the following areas: land use, conservation, soil carbon, irrigation water use, water quality, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting these earth-friendly initiatives, Best Food's® can continue to make great-tasting mayonnaise and preserve our lands for generations to come.


Blue Ribbon Farmers

We’re on a mission to make our responsibly sourced ingredients the Blue Ribbon Standard for the industry, and we can’t do this without our farmers. Read on to get to know 3 of our incredible Blue Ribbon Farm families that proudly supply Best Food's® with responsibly sourced soybean oil.


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The Sutters

The Sutter family hails from Pleasantville, Iowa, and has been farming their land for generations. In fact, three generations of Sutters are all currently working together—talk about a family legacy! They take great care to ensure their crops are grown in a way that preserves the land, while learning to stay current with the changing times and technologies.



The Van Dykes

Glen and Coleen Van Dyke of Poweshiek County, Iowa, keep family and conservation as top priorities on their farm, and in life. Their 3 grown children are all involved, and their farm even received the 2015 state award for conservation.



The Whites

The White family of Marshall County, Iowa, has been farming since 1876. (That’s nearly 140 years!) They are a true family business, and everyone has a hand in keeping it going—from their youngest to those in their 80s. They take care of each other, and take care of the planet by practicing sustainable farming. That way, they can continue to farm for another 140 years, and beyond.


What does sustainably sourced mean?


Sustainably sourced agriculture means growing food in ways that sustain the soil, minimize water and fertilizer use, protect biodiversity and enhance farmers’ livelihoods. When we began working on this issue over 15 years ago, there were no agreed definitions of what sustainable farming meant. So we pioneered our Sustainable Agriculture Program.


Our program requires suppliers to adhere to our Sustainable Agriculture Code through self-assessment and verification, or through external certification standards that meet or exceed our own standards.

What is the Sustainable Agriculture Code?

- The basis for the Unilever sustainable sourcing program is the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code (SAC). The Code defines sustainable agriculture by providing guidelines referring to the following 11 topics: agrochemicals and fuels; soils; water; biodiversity; energy; waste; social and human capital; animal welfare; value chain and local economy; continuous improvement and metrics.

- The suppliers and farmers behind Best Food's ingredients become Unilever verified as sustainable sourcing partner when they are compliant with either:

1. The principles of Unilever SAC

2. Third party certification standards formally recognized by Unilever as compliant with our internal principles and practices of sustainable agriculture