Save our sandwiches

Rest In Perfection, BLT. We’ll miss you.


By 2043, this culinary masterpiece may be extinct.


Because of soil erosion, we’re rapidly losing ingredients that go in a BLT– like the soybeans used in our mayo.


All we’ll be left with is the memory of a delicious BLT drizzled with mayo. And memories don’t taste that great.


But Best Foods won’t let the BLT walk into the light.

The Egg Salad Sandwich

With heavy hearts we bid farewell to the egg salad sandwich. An eggs-traordinary life that ended too soon.


Star of picnics and on-the-go lunches, this humble sandwich is on the verge of going eggs-tinct. Seriously, soil erosion is practically eggs-ecuting egg salad sandwiches.


If we don’t take egg-streme action to save our farmlands, it could disappear by 2043. And that would be un-eggs-cusable.

The Italian Sub

Prepare to say “arrivederci” to the Italian Sub.


By 2043, sandwich ingredients like mayo could be extinct because of soil erosion. Which means the Italian Sub will soon disappear, leaving behind a black void where our mayo used to meet gabagool.


But Best Foods is on a mission to save this beloved sandwich. And THAT’S amore.

The Turkey Club Sandwich

Here lies the unsung hero of our lunch hour, the Turkey Club Sandwich. Gone too soon from our stomachs, but never from our hearts.


At the current rate of soil erosion, sandwich ingredients like mayo will cease to exist by 2043. A colossal loss, our days drizzling mayo on this deliciously layered classic will become history.


But Best Foods is not ready to say goodbye.

How we're saving them

How We're
Saving Them