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*Excludes 15 oz and 48 oz jars

How you can help

How you can help

As the leading mayonnaise brand in the US, we have the responsibility to provide the people who love our products with condiments that not only taste good but are also a force for good.

Put simply, we believe in Real Taste and Less Waste, and that’s why we’re committed to tackling the packaging waste of our products. Discover the overall plastics problem, what we are doing about it and what you can do to help below.

Recyling problems

It all begins with your purchase

Why should I prioritize buying products that use 100% recycled plastic? What are the benefits?

Using recycled plastic has the following environmental benefits:

• Supports the recycling infrastructure.

• Producing recycled plastic is less reliant on natural resources like petroleum, requiring less energy, and leaves a lower total carbon footprint.

• Could eventually help reduce the number of bottles sent to landfills.

Recyling problems

Empty your Best Foods jar / bottle before throwing it away

Clean jars are more likely to be successfully recycled than dirty ones. We encourage you to always use the very last bit of your Best Foods, so you help us reduce food and packaging waste.

Recyling problems

Recycle your bottle / jar

How should consumers recycle the new jars and bottles?

Consumers can recycle the Best Foods Mayonnaise plastic jars and squeeze plastic bottles. Consumers need to remove the caps from both our jars and squeezes before recycling, as well as the shrink wrap around our squeezes.  We encourage consumers to quickly rinse their jars and squeeze bottles before recycling and follow their local municipal recycling guidelines.