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Top 5 Summer Grilling Recipes



Take Your Summer Grill Game to the Next Level with Hellmann’s Recipes & Tips



There are a few fun activities that are synonymous with summertime — pool parties, beach trips, baseball games and of course, grilling. Because everyone agrees, food is the best part of every season. From juicy burgers and blistering beef franks to veggies grilled to perfection, there’s a delectable dish for everyone on your summer BBQ guest list. And you know which ingredient turns each of these meals into a summertime masterpiece? Hellmann’s creamy and delicious Mayonnaise.

The key to grilling nirvana, mayonnaise ensures meats are moist and veggies are flavorful. Which makes it no surprise that mayonnaise is the key ingredient in each of our favorite grilling recipes. Check them out below before your next weekend BBQ!

1. Best Ever Juicy Burger

Best Ever Juicy Burger

It’s not a BBQ without burgers and it’s certainly not a Hellmann’s BBQ without our Best Ever Juicy Burger. Take a traditional hamburger up a notch with unconventional ingredients like breadcrumbs, onion soup mix and our Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. Not only does this burger taste exquisite, it’s also incredibly juicy thanks to that delicious dose of mayo. Tip: you can create this recipe using ground beef or ground turkey to satisfy all your guests’ tastes.

2. Caribbean Jerk Chicken

Caribbean jerk chicken

Send your tastebuds on a trip to the Caribbean with a simple, spicy, and super satisfying chicken dish. Our Caribbean Jerk Chicken recipe may only contain 4 ingredients, but that’s all it takes to bring amazing flavor to the table. Let the grill bring this island-inspired dish to life, while our mayonnaise promises to keep the meat moist.

3. Smokin’ Succulent Grilled Pork

Grilled Pork

Elevate your BBQ menu with our Smokin’ Succulent Grilled Pork recipe that brings out all the great flavors of pork with a tasty mix of cilantro lime and chile pepper. This crowd-pleasing dish is perfected with a mayonnaise mixture that’s brushed onto the chops during grilling to reach ultimate levels of flavor and juiciness.

4. Steak Marinade

Steak Marinade

Our meat mantra? A grilled steak is only as good as its marinade. That’s why we created the perfect sweet and savory steak baste with a dose of mayonnaise to keep everything moist. Just rub this simple, but scrumptious Steak Marinade on raw meat and refrigerate for 1-6 before grilling. Then just pop on the grill, cook to preference and enjoy the incredible flavor.

5. Mexican-Style Corn

Mexican Corn

A Mexican street food staple, Elote (grilled corn) is also the ultimate summer side. Our Mexican-Style Corn recipe uses traditional ingredients like chili pepper, cotija cheese and fresh lime for a bright mix of flavors and mayonnaise and sour cream for a delightfully creamy coating. This flavorful dish may be considered a side, but it will certainly steal the spotlight at your next BBQ.